Splash Water Tanks
Splash water tanks are used mainly in swimming baths construction and wherever large volumes of water need to be collected and stored.
In swimming baths construction the water volumes which run off through the overflow channels are collected in splash water tanks and fed to a processing plant. From there the water is collected again in splash water tanks and fed back into the swimming pool as required.
Thermoplastics such as PE or PP are mainly used. But PVC tanks are also possible.
The splash water tanks require little space to collect large useful volumes and are ideally suitable for confined space conditions.

Schwallwasserbehäter vor Ort in Wien geschweißtThe access room for renovations is often very limited so that on-site assembly of the splash water tanks is necessary. We have the right personnel and know-how to install the tanks for you on site.
We can deliver and install the splash water tanks in segments or even complete if the access openings are large enough. 
We will gladly make you a free offer without obligations to suit your requirements.

Splash Water Tank Splash water tanks made of PP welded on site.  
Splash water tanks manufactured completely at our factory and connected by PVC pipes.  Schweallwasserbehälter gekoppelt  
  Splash water tank 80 m³ made of polypropylene (PP) produced completely at our factory and loaded for transport. Schwallwasserbehälter PP